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Sheep are an ideal animal for the hobby farm. When we purchased the farm we spent months trying to figure out what breed we were looking for and trying to locate a breeder. Olde English Babydoll SheepWe now raise Olde English Babydoll Sheep, which we have found to be an idel breed for the hobby farm.  These gentle creatures measure less than 24" tall from the shoulder; adults weigh 70 to 150 pounds.. They are good weeders and lawn mowers.  Since they do not girdle trees and shrubs they are sought after by vineyards, orchards and berry farms.Olde English Babydoll Sheep are easy-keepers and require only grass or good quality hay and a sheep salt mineral for maintenance. 

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Almost 15 years ago, we dreamed to move to a hobby farm.   Neither of us had grown up on a farm and living in the suburbs, we really didn't understand what we were getting into.  This site is our attempt to share our animal experiences as we continue to build our farm.

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